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Discover London this half-term with our fun London guided walks

Half term is a great time for young adventurers to discover London, not just the main sights but about its history and the people who lived and worked here.

Which London adventure will you choose?



Monday 17 February, 1pm - BOOK NOW

A popular guided walk introducing you to the Wonders of Whitehall.

Explore the historical district of Whitehall see the iconic Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, uncover the secrets behind notorious British monarchs and marvel at world-renowned architecture and learn their evocative and sometimes surprising history.

Tuesday 18 Feb, 1pm BOOK NOW

Walk along the medieval street plan of the City of London. How would people have lived during the great plague? What did they do to try and avoid this deadly disease? Why were cats and dogs no longer safe on the streets? What were Watchmen paid to watch?

We will discuss how Bloody Mary earned her name, was she as bad or worse than her father Henry VIII? and why did people fear her? 
Were body snatchers a necessity? Did Sherlock Holmes really jump?

Wednesday 19 Feb, 1pm BOOK NOW

For some, reputation is everything. Now a world-leading performance venue Sadler's Wells, it's area has had a long and changeable past.

Explore a forgotten Georgian village.

Thursday 20 February, 1pm - BOOK NOW

Explore some of the beautifully maintained Victorian gardens, discover their hidden secrets before venturing through some residential streets, once the homes for artists Samuel Clarkson and William Etty and workplaces for literature giants Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens.

Stand where the Thames used to dominate and take in the messy madness of one of the most famous London markets.

Friday 21 Feb, 1pm - BOOK NOW

Time to step into your time machine and venture with us to the year of 1666. Join us as we explore the events during a few days in September 1666 which left so much destruction, forcing Londoners to rebuild their lives.

Hear how the fire unfurled and left disaster in its wake and how Londoners began to rebuild their lives.

Step back into London of 1666.

Saturday 22 Feb, 1pm - BOOK NOW

Victorian London was a dangerous place especially after dark, with highwaymen and other scoundrel’s waiting to pounce on anyone crossing their path. 

This walk follows the footsteps of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger on their final leg of their journey through London to reach Fagin’s lair as described in Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist Half Term Walk
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"I would highly recommend these walks. Hazel uses a great deal of her great personality to make the walk and history come alive." Richard, Ruislip